Yogsutras of Patanjali 2.12


Patanjali further delves upon kleshas and their effects,

Kleshmoolah karmaashayo drishtaadrishtjanmvedneeyah


Klesh-moolah: Rooted in kleshas

Karm-aashayah: Collection of karmas

Drisht-adrisht: Present and future

Janm: Births

Vedneeyah: To be felt

The effect of the karmas arising out of kleshas is experienced in present life as well as future births.

As discussed in an earlier sutra, it is the cause of suffering that prompts one to act or perform a karma. And it is these karmas that tie one to Creation and cycle of life and birth. Alexander had said that you enter and exit the world empty-handed. Vedic seers knew that you carry with you your karmas. There’s always a difference in the weight of a living person and his/her body soon after the soul departs. This is not the weight of the soul, but that of karma.

It is only by entering stillness that one can evolve to a level where self-realisation or aatma sakshatkar happens. This can happen only when the ripples around you, ripples of your karma, have come to a standstill. It is a state of nothingness — a state which has to be experienced not understood. It is the state of ananda, permanent bliss.


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