Yogsutras of Patanjali 2.10


Patanjali details the process to eliminate kleshas which were made subtle by practice of kriya yog,

Te pratiprasavheyaah sukshmaah


Te: Them (5 kleshas)

Pratiprasav: Return to original state

Heyaah: Destroyed

Sukshmaah: Made subltle

When the chitt assumes its original state, the kleshas which were made subtle get eliminated.

The cause of human suffering is avidya, taking the unreal to be real. It is avidya which instills the false notion of self as the body and five elements and associated pains and pleasures…Through the practice of tapa, swadhyay and ishvar pranidhan under sanidhya of Guru, the effect of these kleshas reduces on a being and as he/she gets darshan of truth or reality, the kleshas dissolve completely.

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