Yogsutra- sadhan paad, Yogasutra 40


Patanjali now details the benefits of following yams and niyams to keep the practitioner motivated,
Shouchaat svaanga jugupsaa paraih asamsargah
Shouchaat : from cleanliness
Svaanga : one’s body
Jugupsaa : distaste
Paraih : others
Asamsargah : cessation of contact
As one stabilizes in the niyama of shouch, he/she develops a distaste for own body and for contact with other bodies.
The strongest attachment is to one’s own body. The minute a being associates him/herself with the body, he/she gets stuck in its pains and pleasures and is unable to look beyond. The body is temporary and unreal, and constantly fading — it will leave you one day, the being, who has this gyan is able to move beyond and into the realm of reality.
Another pitfall is the interaction and contact with others, which interferes with one’s own energy and thought patterns and creates obstructions on the path of sadhna. Just like a Gurus sandhya aids the sadhna, the company of or contact with those who are not on the path hampers it.
As one perfects the niyama of shouch, he/she is able to overcome the attachment to own body and the desire for contact with others.

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