Yogsutra Of Patanjali: Sadhana Paad Yogsutra 2.20


Drashta drishimaatrah shuddho-api pratyayaanupashyah

Drashta: seer (soul)
Drishimaatrah: consciousness
Shuddha: pure
Api: also, only (for emphasis)
Pratyaya: object of focus
Anupashyah: one who sees, keeping in view
Patanjali: details the form of seer,
The drashta (seer), although pure consciousness, sees as guided by the buddhi (intellect).
The soul or atma, which is pure consciousness, is called the seer because it perceives and experiences manifest creation under influence of buddhi. Even though the soul is formless, shapeless, pure and solitary, it unites with and relates to prakriti under influence of avidya. Till the time Guru dispels this darkness through gyan, the soul continues to see and experience as per the vrittis of the intellect.


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