Yogsutra of Patanjali – MridumadhyaadhimaatratvaatTatoapiVisheshah


Mridu: Slow, light

Madhya: Average, medium


Adhimatratvaat: Excessive

Tatah: Of that/from that

Api: Also

Visheshah: Characteristic difference

Sage Patanjali after mentioning the pace of sadhna, now talks about its quantity.

Whether the sadhna is light, medium or excessive, that too is important.

Modern science tells us force is equal to mass into acceleration. Sage Patanjali told us about this thousands of years ago. While in the previous sutra, he expressed the sanskaar to maintain a speedy pace of sadhna, in this sutra he speaks of the amount (intensity) of the sadhna one puts in every passing second. The intensity with which one approaches the finality—what is your level of commitment and dedication, how strong is your desire, is also important in determining your success.



Ishvar: Supreme Spirit

Pranidhaanaat: Through surrender to

Vaa: Also

Sage Patanjali details another sanskaar.

Through surrender to Divine also (one progresses in yog)

So far Sage Patanjali spoke of various qualities that a sadhak must imbibe within to accelerate the process of sadhna. An extremely important aspect of this is, complete surrender to Divine Will at all times. We are limited in our capacity and comprehension abilities, Divine is unlimited. Unlimited cannot be accessed through limited, hence a state of complete surrender is required.

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