The Colour White And Its Significance


Prana interpenetrates all aspects of Creation and divides itself into various frequencies, resulting in all aspects of manifested Creation, which can also be called the physical world. To a clairvoyant, the manifested world looks like a reflection of various colours and shades. From this higher form of colours, we can do any changes in the physical world or lower form.

Till now we have been talking about various kinds of colour pranas available in food which the body utilizes. Also we have spoken about certain ingredients like honey and ghee which are vardhak. We received some queries on where to source pure ingredients from. We would recommend Dhyan Foundation for there is no element of business or profit making in the organisation, hence the sanctity of the food and its purity is maintained.


The colour white has all the kinds of prana in it and so it is consumed either in its white form or in combination with another colour which enhances the property of the added colour. White in itself is considered a complete food for yogis. So whenever in doubt about the food just have white.

A major property of white is that it very gently administers the colour prana in mild proportions, hence is 100% safe. Different shades of white have a predominant prana, an expert can look at the shade of white and tell the predominant prana and also its potency.

Here we detail certain uses of white prana:

  • Fresh petals of Jasmine flowers can be ground and applied externally for skin ailments and also to relieve headache.
  • Garlic mixed with mint greatly enhances the property of green and is a very powerful waste expeller and appetite stimulator.
  • Garlic boiled in milk taken one hour after dinner helps relieve breathing disorders.
  • Garlic soaked in pure mustard oil and kept for two days in hot sun, becomes a very effective remedy for joint pains.
  • Camphor [tulsi camphor] is an important ingredient for joint pain relieving oils, Karpoor adi tailam is a very effective relaxing massage oil.

Soy milk and soy paneer are rejuvenators and help in removing weakness and giving the body strength, especially after fevers.

Naina Pahuja

Naina Pahuja

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