One-mukhi Rudraksha is the form of Lord Shankar himself. It is ruled by the Sun and enlightens the Super Consciousness. It brings in the power of dharana to the wearer, meaning, the power to focus the mind on an object. When given by Guru with prescribed practices, the one-mukhi Rudraksha transforms the mental structure of the wearer, a sense of detachment from mundane aspects of physical life sets in and he/she becomes naturally inclined towards God. The bead aids a practitioner to focus on the Supreme Element, that is, Paratattva.

Peace and pleasure abound in the house where One-mukhi Rudraksha is worshipped. The person who worships it obtains not only all the worldly pleasures during his/her life span but also remains unmoved by them.


One-mukhi Rudraksha is round in shape. It is highly praised in our ancient texts but it is very rare, extremely difficult to find. Commonly available in the market is a half-moon shaped one mukhi which is a poor and incorrect copy of the real bead.

One-mukhi Round (Elaeocarpus Angustifolious) is very expensive, the half-moon shaped (Elaeocarpus tuberculatus) is available cheaper, the agenda of the latter however is different. Therefore one should go for the real and pure bead, and not get carried away by the lures and false-claims of the sellers.

Mantra for Ek Mukhi Rudraksha: II Om Hreem Namah II
Deity: Shiva
Ruling Planet: Sun (Surya)

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TIW Bureau

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