Om Tat Sat – The Meaning


Om tat sat iti nirdesho

brahmanastrividhah smritah |

Braahmanaasten vedaashcha

yagyaashcha vihitaah pura

|| Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 17, Verse 23 ||

Om Tat Sat are declared as the three callings of Supreme. All the Brahmanas, Vedas and Yagyas emerged from that, says Lord Krishna.

‘Om’ is an extremely potent dhwani, also called pranav. All the yagyas, charities and penances by the wise begin with the uchharan of ‘om’. When om is chanted in the correct manner, the body vibrates from top to bottom. You may come to Dhyan Ashram for an experience of this dhwani and the vibrations it creates within you.


‘Tat’ translates as “that”. As one does charity, yagyas and penance in the name of “Tat”, he/she absolves the self of the fruits of such acts, ie, nishkam karma, paving way for liberation.

‘Sat’ refers to the Ultimate Truth, the finality, that which is unchanging and one. If you look around, everything that you have or seek to have, comes with an expiry date. It is bound to leave and when it leaves, it leaves you with pain. ‘Sat’ is the quest for that which lies beyond, which is eternal, and which controls all that is around.

Every sound is a frequency, it corresponds to a specific energy. Just like, when someone calls your name, you respond. Similarly, when you call the name of Divine, He responds. It is not in the mind, the effect is immediate, tangible and in front of your eyes. But for this to happen, you should be able to generate that frequency or calling within you.

You can come for a session to Dhyan Ashram sometime to experience the vibrations created by these dhwanis. Tantra sadhna is the science of mantras, dhwanis and vibrations. When you do this, all this happens in front your eyes, its apparent, tangible, physical. But if the body is not prepared for it, it may have a reaction on you.  So if you want to interact with divine energies, increase capacity of body through yog under a Guru. Then you will come from avidya to vidya, from nashwar or unreal (that which doesn’t exist) to reality. Asato ma sadmaya, tamso ma sad gamaya, mrityur ma amritam gamaya, then only.

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