Shiv Nadi – Beware!


Last time in this column, we had learnt about the dhanlaxmi  yantra, how only the one that is sold on the television by a particular movie actor (and has his picture on it) is authentic, and rest are fraud and would not make you earn millions. Common sense tells me that a yantra is yantra and it would work just as well whether it has the photograph of an actor or not. And let me tell you, a yantra is NEVER meant to make you earn millions. It is a coded form of energy in the form of certain geometric forms to enable one to progress on the path of yog and only your Guru can give you the key to tap into the power of a yantra.

Anyway, at least the ones selling this innovative ‘thing’ (for it is definitely not a yantra) were only using an actor to sell their product, the way they sell soaps and colas. We all know that an actor for money would even sell ice-cubes in the Arctic Circle, claiming that they keep him warm. The product that I share with you this time goes a step ahead and uses gods and vedic kings to vouch for its authenticity and efficacy.


The product in question is ‘Nadi Astrology’, through which the marketers of the product are able to tell your past, present and future. Not just that, they identify your doshas and the problems that you are going to face and offer solutions to those problems. Of course all this after you pay a fee to their expert. And they insist that it has been handed down to them straight from Lord Shiva and that King Yudhishtir believed in and benefitted from ‘Nadi Astrology.’

I wonder how Yudhishtir benefited as he had to give away the empire as soon as he got it, had lost all his children in the battle and led most of his life in grief. This goes on to tell us that we should firmly believe in the world of energy and the theory of karma. If our practices are right and we are doing good to others, then we don’t need the help of anyone else to tell our future. It has to be bright. While if we are defrauding/harming others, lying from morning to night and using god’s name to scare and entice people to give us money, then be rest assured that we would be doomed in the future and no astrology or yantra can/will help us because creation is tied to the law of karma, the denominator of all religions.

Simrat Kaur

Simrat Kaur

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