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Last time we had left the discussion at, how at the root of all religions and cultures there seems to be the same energy, the same symbols, the same sounds…Taking this thought forward, recently I came across a verse from the Bible (Chapter 42, verse 8) where God is telling Jacob how he should be addressed. He says,



(translation in English – I am God. That is my name)

The Hebrew version of the verse sounds like,

ani yah wehhu she-m

I tried to repeat the phrase without breaks…and was instantly reminded of the panchakshar mantra (namah shivaye) when chanted backwards

yavashi ma na

Try it for yourself –

ani (yah weh hu she-m a ni) (yah weh hu she-m a ni)…

Considering the fact that Hebrew is traditionally read from right to left, while the Devanāgarī script is read from left to right, the order of syllables as printed on a piece of paper is identical!

The patrons of religion may get into a debate of who copied from whom, or whose God does the said verse refer to, but the question is, does it matter? The essence of all religions is one formless Divine, and all faiths will agree that this Divine is eternal, and so, it existed before any religion or religious text came into being. AND whether you name him God or Allah or Ishvar, it still responds to the same codified sound patterns, which the vedic rishis called mantra and which you may term as anything else…


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