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The idea of moving or lifting an object through non-contact forces has fascinated scientists since forever. Sound, is one such powerful force, which modern science has been trying to apply to move objects for at least 100 years and which was tapped into by vedic masters, many thousands of years back.

Recently, in a study submitted to the Cornell University Library’s physics archive, a team led by Yoichi Ochiai of the University of Tokyo reported having achieved a new level of control in acoustic levitation, moving various objects (having dimension of a millimetre) in three dimensions with an array of sound-emitting transducers as the controllers. The device used sound at the frequency of 40 kHz which is beyond the audible frequency range for human ear (20 to 20kHz). To put in a layman’s language, the scientists were able to lift and move objects in all three dimensions with the power of sound alone.


Similar application of sound is found in our Puranas…

After the marriage of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati, the divine architect Vishvakarma was instructed to build a golden palace for them to stay in. The greatest pandit of the times, Ravana, was invited for the housewarming ceremony. Having performed the ceremony, Lord Shiva asked Ravana what he would like as dakshina for the service performed. Ravana, was awestruck by the grandeur of the palace, and asked for the palace itself. Lord Shiv obliged him and asked him to take it with him. Ravana, at that time, transported the golden palace from Kailash to his kingdom of Lanka by generating special frequencies of sound!

The vedic masters were well versed with the science of sound and how to use it. But for these sounds to show their true effect, it is important to acquire them from a Guru who has the siddhi of that specific sound pattern…This has also been my personal experience. Recently Yogi Ashwini initiated me into chanting Hanuman Chalisa. The Chalisa was not new to me, I had been chanting it since childhood, what was new was the experience it brought with it under his guidance. That evening my entire body resonated with the energy of the sound and the vibrations were felt even after I returned home…something which had never happened in past twenty five years.

The Hanuman Chalisa, which we chant and hear, its effect, when done under a Guru’s sanidhya, is phenomenal and one feels the movement of various energies inside. At times there is levitation, at times body becomes highly energetic, at times you get the capacity to move mountains, and you always develop phenomenal strength and glow in the body. It’s an experience which I can’t describe in words.

Author: Mohit Somani

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Guest Author

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