Sound Makes Quite an Impression


Anyone who has been in a sound recording studio knows that sound can be seen in the form of waves. This fact about the visibility of sound is known not just to broadcasters, but also to doctors, scientists and engineers. Ultrasounds create images of our hearts and stomachs, sonar systems are again examples of how sound translates into figures and mechanical devices of radar send sound signals via radio waves. When radio waves, travelling at 295000 kms/sec collide with any object on their way, they reflect it back to the radar at an equally fast speed. The vibrations of these reflected signals contain the ‘information’ about the position, size and some other properties of the object. This is how sound waves help in the recognition of enemy airplanes.

Also available are gadgets that translate sound into typed words. Just by speaking you can type a document in any Windows application; infact, voice commands can perform almost all the functions of computing.


As modern technology goes, these are fascinating discoveries but they cannot hold a candle to the gyan the ancient scientists or rishis had about the science of sound. The visibility of sound is the very basis of the science of clairvoyance. The science was explained by Yogi Ashwini to a gathering of doctors of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) at Mumbai in February 2011.

Our ancients knew that each cell of the body radiates at a certain frequency. The frequency at which the cell moves creates a sound/vibration, which in turn creates a spectrum/colour. A clairvoyant can see the colour, not just with the naked eye but even with shut eyes. Translated into simple language, clairvoyance involves the reading of the frequency of a cell by the colour. While dark colours signify gross energy, soft shades stand for light energy and the lighter the colours, the healthier the person. Thus, in one look, a clairvoyant can accurately diagnose the ailment.


The converse logic of this science can be used to heal. Since sound eventually translates into energy, the right sound can change the energy pattern of a person – from dark to light or from ill-health to good health. This, precisely, is the basis of the healing science of mantra. In fact, a western philosopher, Arthur Koestler had once said that the Gayatri Mantra had more power than many thousand atomic bombs and it could be used to counter the devastating radiation of nuclear energy.


However, precision and intention are vital to the efficacy of the healing science. Chanted wrong or chanted with wrong intentions, the mantras can do irrevocable harm. It is to circumvent the misuse, both deliberate and inadvertent, that the mantras were not given casually but only by a Guru to the shishya in the vedic period. Simple and gullible people who play mantra CDs in their homes and work places, misguided by the luring advertisements about their benefits, had better be warned that wrong chants do more harm than good and most recordings are faulty, as is the intention behind them – to make money and dupe people, and therefore they are redundant.

The best way to connect to the power of the mantras is to find a Guru. After all, sound makes quite an impression on us. Let it be a good impression.

Jagpreet Luthra

Jagpreet Luthra

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