Mantras, for Body and Beyond


Every sound is a specific frequency that generates a specific effect. The roar of a lion creates an environment of dread all around while the call of a cuckoo soothes and a lullaby puts a child to sleep. In earlier times, a conch was blown before the start of a battle in order to generate fear in the opponent’s army. People living close to jungles used to beat drums to keep fierce beasts and evil spirits away. All this was done keeping in mind the effect of the sound generated.

The vedic seers had mastered the science of sound eons ago. They gave us codified forms of sound energy, called mantras. A mantra, when received from a Guru and chanted correctly, has the effect of completely changing the environment and being. A recent experiment was conducted by Dhyan Foundation volunteers where they tested the effect of mantra uchharan by Yogi Ashwiniji and found the growth of plants to be phenomenal in comparison to the control group. The experiment was conducted in the supervision of Dr. Ritu Dangwal, Researcher, TED Prize Project 2013, who was amazed to see the effect of the chants on the growth and health of plants. Richa Marwaha, ITC Sheraton, shares that her eyesight improved tremendously having attended a havan where Yogiji performed some chants, much to the surprise of her eye-doctor who conducted multiple tests only to confirm it was true!


While practitioners of Sanatan Kriya in Dhyan Foundation are live testimony to the phenomenal power of sound and mantras, even modern scientists are gradually accepting the sciences of ancient India.

A study published in the International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security in 2008 established that chanting Om on a regular basis improved concentration, focus and steadiness. The participants in the study witnessed dramatic reduction in their mental stress levels with the regular chanting of this mantra. Various studies state that mantra chanting causes synchronization in the left and right hemispheres of the brain resulting in reduced heart rate, blood pressure and a calmer brain wave activity. However, the physical is just a tip of the iceberg.

VPN Nampoori, former Director of the International School of Photonics, Cochin University, led a team of scientists in 2011 to study the effects of mantras on the environment in Panjal village in Kerala. The results were not surprising. It was found that the growth was accelerated in case of pots that were closer to where mantras were being chanted. “Mantras are positive vibrations and continuous positive vibrations through chanting accelerate the process of germination,” concluded the scientist, according to an article in The Hindu.

Mantras, have an effect on emotional, financial and physical aspects of our being. When chanted right, the effect is positive, when done incorrectly, the reverse is also true…When practiced under sanidhya of a Guru, the power of the mantra magnifies infinitely and one gets the experience of the actual potential of the mantra, physical is just a drop in the ocean.

There are three components of a mantra – shakti, beej and keel. Together they contain the total effect of the mantra. Shakti refers to the driving force in a mantra, beej is its potential (just like the seed is a potential tree) and keel binds the mantra to the purpose for which it is intended. (Sound waves traverse large distances in a matter of seconds, keel ensures the energy unleashed stays where it has to and does not dissipate.

Author: Neeru Gupta

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