You Make Impossible Possible Daily


Yog is a constant journey; you are either moving up or going down, you can never be stationary. Manifestation of thoughts is one of the basic siddhis that comes with the practice of yog and Sanatan Kriya. It is then upto the sadhak, where he/she chooses to channelize that thought – towards creation or to collect more for themselves – the former being the road uphill while the latter taking you downhill.

Here is a basic example illustrating manifestation of thought of a sadhika, who wanted to attend a yoga retreat in Bangalore with Yogi Ashwini…


When Yogi Ashwiniji came to Bangalore, I really wanted to be with him on all three days of his visit, but unfortunately I couldn’t do so without resorting to lies, as I had used up all my work-leaves. I could not lie (the first yam as prescribed in Ashtang Yog in general and Sanatan Kriya in particular is satya or truth) and I did not have the guts to speak the truth.

I just silently requested Yogiji to somehow make it possible. Being aware of him I focused all my thoughts on my eyes, which became so red (my eyes turn red when my body is heated up) that my manager had to ask me to go home and rest. Not understanding, I continued to work, but by evening I had people come up to me asking me if I was feeling fine. I still did not understand, and when I went to the restroom to wash my face I was shocked to find that my eyes were bloodshot red! The manager sent me home.

The next day my mother advised me to pay a visit to the doctor, but I had other plans…I instead went for the anti-ageing retreat. My eyes were red, but they did not pain. I took no medication, simply washed them from time to time. I had wanted to be in the presence of Yogiji, and my wish was granted. My happiness knew no bounds. On the last day, as he left for the airport in the evening, I went back home and slept early. The next morning, when I woke up, my eyes were normal again…no redness, sparkling and bright as ever!

When I shared this experience with my friends, they did not believe me. But I know, it was my thought and it did materialise. Yogiji, you make impossible possible, daily!



Sahana Hegde

Sahana Hegde

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