Yogi Ji’s Nod And Doctors Report


I have been doing dhyan with Yogi Ashwini for a while now. I am an Economic Honours student with a logical and functional mind. In deep states of dhyan, many a times I have experienced conversations with various forms of gods. What has been conversed I cannot give here as I am writing this for the intellectual, non-believer’s mind, so I am narrating an amazing experience of the physical world, which is backed by medical data and leaves one no choice but to believe in the science of beyond.

My grandfather is an octogenarian, he suffers from diabetes and to keep his sugar levels under control, he goes for a walk every morning and evening, that’s 10kms a day! One day, while he was out for his routine walk, he fell on the ground, just like that. Fortunately, my grandmother was by his side and helped him get up. When she enquired, he told her that he could not lift his legs.


A similar incident occurred few days later, this time he was at home. My uncles consulted several doctors, who suggested performing a series of tests. A doctor later explained that there is a fluid in the brain and in my grandfather’s case, the fluid had been created in excess. It was blocking several nerves and hindering the proper functioning of the brain itself. The doctor advised immediate surgery and warned that if he was not operated within a week, there might be severe damage – he would start to lose control of his body to the extent that he would not be aware of the excretory functions, they would happen on their own.

My uncles wanted more opinions. This time they reached out to the top doctor in Delhi. This doctor ruled out immediate surgery since the surgery could not guarantee improvement in his condition. The doctor suggested that a procedure be performed wherein they would insert a tube that would run from his brain down to his abdomen, this tube would bring down the fluid and it could be removed from the body through the urine. Only if this was successful, he explained, could they think about surgery. Otherwise he said there was nothing they could do to improve his condition.

When my mother came to know of the incident and my grandfather’s condition, she decided to speak to Yogi Ashwini. She told Yogi ji that the only thing she wanted was that whenever her father has to pass, he must do so peacefully. Yogi ji nodded and asked her not to worry.

The next day, my grandfather was taken to the hospital for the procedure to be performed. The very same doctor who had recommended the procedure just by looking at my grandfather’s reports (not meeting him in person), said that there was no requirement for any procedure what-so-ever (this again he said just by looking at the report!), my grandfather was absolutely fine! Several months have passed and my grandfather is hale and hearty… he still goes for walks everyday.

Such is the Guru’s force and His energy. Yogi ji did not meet or see my grandfather. All my mother did was inform him and the learned doctor changed his decision, just like that! I wonder how modern science can clarify or explain this dramatic change of prescription by the doctor, who happens to be well reputed throughout the country, having several high profile patients.

Auhtor: Devansh Didi

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