Walking Around With An Invisible Armour


Yogi Ashwini often says, if you are walking the path of Guru, nothing can touch you. It is as if, there is an invisible armor around you, which gets you past any kind of adversity – financial, emotional or physical.

Recently, I was in Giridih (Jharkhand) for rescue work of some camels. Camels are native to deserts of Rajasthan, they are used to sandy terrains.


It was Aug 8, 2017; we were getting ready to load the rescued camels on a truck, so that they could be transported to a temporary shelter in Rajasthan. I requested the SHO to let us take some sand from a nearby riverbed to the temporary shelter. The SHO granted permission and so the trucks were taken to the riverbed.

While sand was being loaded, I went to the site to ensure things were carried out smoothly & timely to avoid any undue delays. Whilst there, I received a call from the SDM regarding legal formalities of the case that had to be taken care of. Without realizing, I leaned on the truck parked near the riverbed, as I spoke to him over the phone.

Suddenly, I noticed flames on the rear wheel of the truck. I immediately called the driver and the other workers to extinguish the sparks. They started putting sand on the tyres, while the driver rushed to the front of the truck so that he could drive it away from the fire. But the minute he touched the door handle to get in he began to shake uncontrollably.

Not able to comprehend what had just happened, I immediately hung up the call, asked someone to get a stick to help the driver. However, the minute he came in contact with the driver, he froze and then a few seconds later both he and the driver collapsed to the ground.

Bewildered, I called the SHO to arrange for a vehicle and rushed the two men to the hospital in a PCR van. However, both of them unfortunately could not make it.

The entire incident happened in less than a minute. I later found out that the truck was under high tension wire and the two men had been electrocuted.

As I recalled the chain of events, a chill ran down my spine, as I realized that I had been leaning on the truck for the entire duration of the incident. It was me who saw the sparks and I also pulled the two men, as they fell to the ground.

Both succumbed to the electric shock while I stood there fit and fine.

Instantly I was reminded of Yogiji’s words, and could almost feel the invisible armour of Guru’s grace, that saved me.

Author: Sumant Ojha

Guest Author

Guest Author

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