Ultrasight – A Sadhaks Experience


The date of my wife’s delivery was just around the corner and we were expecting our first baby to join the family soon.

So we went for a final ultrasound before the scheduled date but weren’t prepared for the sudden turn of events. The doctor told us that the baby had moved into a Breach Position and that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.


We then consulted our gynaecologist, Head of the Gynaecology division at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the capital, who said that the baby would have to be delivered through a C-Section and asked us to plan the date and time so that there were no unexpected events.

The gynaecologist gave us two options. She told us that the operation theatre was available the very next morning or four days later on December 16.  The doctor said that if we wanted the operation next morning, we would have to decide within the next hour.

However, since the doctor had assured us that there was no harm in waiting, we decided upon December 16. She did, however, mention the risks of my wife going into labour short of the delivery date but said that it was highly unlikely. We came home and relaxed and even informed our relatives and friends of the date.

Suddenly in the middle of the night, we got a call from Yogi Ashwini. He categorically told us that the delivery needs to happen as soon as possible. Now, my wife and I were in a fix as we couldn’t ignore Yogiji’s words but it was also way past the time that we could inform the doctors that we needed the surgery in the morning. We were concerned that no other date was available for the operation.

Nevertheless, we tried the hospital and after repeatedly calling many  times, the doctor’s secretary finally answered the call. She said that we would have to wait for the scheduled date but when we insisted, she agreed to try and see if it was possible to conduct the surgery in the morning.

Barely ten minutes had passed, when the secretary called us back and said that everything was in place.

Somehow, the OT was ready, the doctors were available and the required anaesthetic was also available…as if it was waiting for our call. The secretary was herself surprised and told us that we needed to be at the hospital at 6.45 am. She asked us what the hurry was, but how could we explain.  We were relieved to have things organised as Yogiji had advised, but it was only the next morning that we fully understood the gravity of his words…

My wife and I woke up at 5, and I insisted on freshening up first. But before I could use the bathroom, she called out to me in panic. She had gone into labour and her water broke! We immediately rushed to the hospital. She was soon taken in and both she and the baby were reported to be fine.

Everything was automatically falling into place…Operation happened as (re)scheduled and we were blessed with a baby boy. Both the mother and the child are hail and hearty.

Looking back, I often shudder at the thought of what would have happened had we not got that call from Yogiji and not preponed the date…What is incredible is how he just knew! He called out of the blue, and not knowing anything about the discussion we had with our doctor just told us to prepone the operation date to as soon as possible. It is amazing how sitting so far he could sense the baby and the mother and their condition, when neither the mother nor her doctor could anticipate it. Leaves no doubt in my mind, that the science of yog supersedes all modern sciences and medical technology, for only a yogi could know and prepare us for the early arrival of our baby.

Guest Author – Tarun Sarin

Guest Author

Guest Author

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