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On the day of Guru Purnima, my brother Shri Dalmia gave me a miraculous gift! He took me to Dhyan Ashram for a havan. The purity of chants of the sadhaks, the fragrance and vibrancy of the agni transported me to a realm of joyousness and deep contentment. It all seemed so far away from the mad rush of a lawyer’s life where stress and agitation are one’s constant companions.

After the havan, Yogi Ashwini initiated us into a past life visitation session. This session was quite different from the ones I had seen on television, it was neither hypnosis nor daydreaming nor someone giving autosuggestions, it was my own personal experience, which I saw and felt myself. It was unique to me for others had their own set of experiences which were quite different from mine. I would like to share two very clear and sharp moments from my past life that were revealed to me.


Yogiji asked us to go 150-200 years back. I saw myself in times which seemed to belong to the 19th century. I was either in my late 20s or early 30s dressed in a red completely marathi attire, standing next to a window in a fort. It was night time, a mashaal was burning and a young man was standing beside me. Looking through the window, I could see a stone path with plants on both its sides. The path led down the hill and faraway I could see light from the lamps burning at camps. In a worried tone I asked the man beside me, “They have come till here?”

Suddenly I heard Yogiji’s voice, he asked us to go back further in time. Now I saw myself as a 9-10 year old girl in a kurta-pyjama. I had worn my hair in two plaits and from where I was playing, I could see the big entrance gate of the city and two big walls in grey-coloured stone. On my right was my house, it was a modest building. On the opposite side of the road was the house of an Acharya. He had shoulder-length hair, flowing beard and a moustache. Dressed in dhoti-kurta, he wore a tilak on his forehead. I was playing with the boys when my mother came out shouting, “come inside Manu. If you get hurt, no one will marry you.” Hearing her I rushed into the house of the Acharya. He smiled at me and told me, “Don’t worry, all of you go and play by the pond.”

Coming back to the present, I felt at peace with my ownself and bustling with energy and vgour. A few days later a friend sent me a picture of Jhansi ki Rani which had appeared in a local newspaper…I was amazed to see the picture. I took out my own picture and placed them side by side. Jhansi ki Rani was called Manu in her childhood!

I would like to know if any more of you have experienced past life at Dhyan Ashram.

Author: Navrattan Chaudhary, Government Lawyer, High Court/Supreme Court

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