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There is something above and beyond science. It took Sanatan Kriya under Yogi Ashwini for me to finally acknowledge it. I am a doctor from Kochi practicing Cardiology.

Fitness was always top on my list of things to achieve way back from college right uptil becoming the MD of a hospital. And my notion of fitness was, a well-toned body. To maintain this, I would cycle 30km daily. While it kept me thin, also thinning was my hairline and state of health. Common cold was so common to me, that not having one in 15 days was uncommon.


Looking back, I guess, it was pursuit for fitness and some good karmas from past lives that led me to Yogi Ashwini.

Yogi Ashwini explained the importance of breath rate and how these rapid breathing exercises accelerate aging and cause harm to the body. I was initiated into the practices of Ashtang Yog and started with the practice of Sanatan Kriya given by Yogi Ashwiniji. Once you practice Yoga under a Guru your thoughts start manifesting and what ever you say starts happening (Vaak Shakti).  Within 3 months of doing these practices I had these experiences and Yogiji had warned me to be careful of my thoughts.

Within 2-3 years there was a transformation in my desires. I started losing interest in many of the physical pleasures which I was so hooked on to and enjoyed before. I lost interest in cycling also which was so dear to me that I would never miss a single day come what may. I knew I was on the right path as the physical is always temporary and will leave everybody one fine day.

After stopping I also gained weight and Yogiji told me that when we do yog under a Guru what is not good for our body will leave us which I was clearly experiencing. I also noticed an increase in my waistline. But my energy levels were much higher and I never fell sick and my common colds disappeared. All this pointed to me that whatever was happening was right.  Yogi Ashwiniji always used to point out that size zero is always unhealthy and some amount of fat around the waist is always needed.

Today it’​s ​been ​three years with Yogiji. One day when Yogiji was making us do dhyan,​ ​d​uring dhyan he asked to give shape to the body. I put a strong thought ​that ​I want to lose 5 kg of weight. I have no idea how, all of a sudden, I had this desire to lose weight.

A month later I was planning to do a havan at my house as it was our anniversary. I prepared the havan kund and was ready. Suddenly my son noticed insects inside the samagri. I was shocked. I called another volunteer and we tried our best to separate the insects and after 15 minutes started with the havan. But during the entire havan I was disturbed with respect to the insects being in the samagri and we using the same for the havan.  When we sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram perform havans there is no smoke and smoke starts only after the agni is cleared off.  2 hours after the havan I started coughing and just couldn’t understand what was wrong. Such a cough never occurred after any havan. The next day it turned into a fever so bad that I could hardly eat and was in total exhaustion. The next 7 to 10 days, my energy levels were so low that I used to sleep frequently too. In the next 10 days, I lost almost 5kgs and along with it, my glow. I looked sick.

By then it was time for me to go to Australia to meet Yogiji. The moment he saw me he told me that I was struggling with my health. Obviously, he could see my energy body though I hadn’t mentioned to him that I recovered from a fever.

He was also surprised why a regular Sanatan Kriya practitioner fell sick. He was wondering why this happened.  When he sat for dhyan that day, an inner voice answered this query by saying that it was me who asked for this weight loss and this fever was the means to achieve it . This was so shocking to me. So even after 3 years of progress in this path, maya played its role and made me believe the physical world which is unreal, to be real and I transiently lost focus into the physical which cost me a lot, with respect to my health.

The second learning from these experiences is that whenever a havan is done wrongly It becomes VISH (poison). Ideally for this havan, samagri shouldn’t have been used as this is being offered to the Gods. Will we eat food which was laden with insects, even if the insects were cleared? The answer lies there.

So it’s always better not to waste our energy and thoughts on frivolous things.

Focus on the Permanent which is DIVINITY.

Author: Dr Prasan Prabhakar

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Guest Author

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