Then… And Now…


Let’s go back in time a 100 years…it’s the month of August, the time of the year when the fields are filled with children playing and dancing in the rain. In one corner, paper boats are floating in the rain water, people are sitting carefree and watching the rainbow with smiles on their faces. Soon the rains will be over and winter will be on its way. There will be a warm fire burning in all the houses which will keep the chilly winds at bay and protect everyone from the cold. During the warm afternoons of the winter months children will be sitting around their grandmother enjoying her stories. With the summers approaching the farmers will be seen working hard under the scorching heat of the sun and going back home satisfied after a hard day’s work. The aroma of the food being cooked is smelt from all the houses. And soon again it will start pouring as the month of July approaches.

Coming back to the present…it’s the month of August again. The Pune landslide tragedy has been in news lately with Mumbai breaking its record for the highest rainfall in the past 55 years. The rain instead of bringing smiles on the faces of people is making them frown. The children are no longer seen playing and singing in the rain. The paper boat races seem to be long forgotten and rainbows are a rare sight. Soon again winter will be on its way, and instead of warm fires there will be space heaters in all the houses. During the afternoons, instead of sitting under the warm sun people will squirm in their houses and shut the windows tightly to keep the fresh warm air away. The children instead of listening to stories from their grandmothers will prefer playing video games. With the heat wave of the summers approaching people will avoid going outside their homes and will lock themselves up under the cool air of the air conditioners. Due to increase in pollution the temperature will be on the rise and it will have an effect on everyone. People will return home frustrated and unsatisfied with their work. And yet again one more year would have passed as the rains approach…
With each passing year we miss the good old days. Why not preserve them now while we still have time instead of waiting till it’s too late…


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