The Principle Of Attraction


I came to Dhyan Foundation some years ago. What attracted me was the non-commercial angle, the Guru shishya-parampara which was being followed as detailed in the Shastras.

In this day and age, when everyone is busy minting money and building bank balances, I met my Guru, who did not even accept a glass of water from me. Rather he spent enormous amount of time and energy, on me. I found it extremely intriguing, why would anyone do that? What was this science all about? I was soon to find out…


After meeting Yogi Ashwini, miraculous experiences became a common occurrence around me. At first, I thought it was my mind playing tricks, but then as the experiences of both subtler worlds and physical dimension grew, I began to understand the mechanism behind it…

The incident I am penning here is perhaps very basic, but an extremely astonishing one at the same time.

I had the fortune of travelling with Yogiji to Goa. It was peak summers and the temperature was boiling hot. We all felt like having ice cream. So Yogiji took us to an ice cream parlour.

When we entered the parlour, there was no one except us. The shopkeeper was half asleep, as if not expecting anyone to come.  While we were ordering our ice creams, Yogiji told us in low tone that now his ice cream will get finished soon. The ice-cream vendor overheard our conversation and instantly looked up with his eyes wide-open. He gave Yogiji that disbelieving look as if he was talking baselessly.

Even before we could collect our ice creams and move out, there was a huge rush of people who came in and ordered ice creams. The next person, who entered, could not get the flavor he wanted as it had finished…just as Yogiji had predicted!

Yogiji looked at the vendor and smiled. The vendor’s face turned red with shock and embarrassment. To me it was natural, it had to happen…In the years to come, this became a usual event. Whenever we enter a store with Yogiji, a rush follows us in and also out. Such is his attraction, people get drawn to the place he is, at times, not knowing themselves why they came there.

I had heard that radiance and magnetism attracts energies.  I see it in Yogiji all the time…it’s difficult to keep one’s eyes off him and his glow is unique.

Author: Shivam Deewan

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Guest Author

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