The Healing Phone Call


They say the gaze of a yogi is healing, the touch of a yogi is brimming with energy, the words of a yogi manifest…and that in the proximity of a yogi, at times, merely by  hinking of him/her with a pure heart, your thoughts manifest. I had a similar experience with Yogi Ashwini recently.

My father had hernia since the last two years. A month back, when I was home, my father complained of unbearable pain near the lower abdomen. Due to severe coughing, extreme pressure had been exerted on his intestines and as a result, some portion of the intestine bulged out. My mother made frantic calls to all the hospitals in the city, but could not reach any doctor since they were all on leave, it being a public holiday – Dussehra. In the evening, someone told us that doctors were available at Paras Hospital. We left for the hospital without delay.


The doctor examined my father and said that if the bulge does not go inside through manual trials within an hour, he would then have to be operated immediately. He was an assistant doctor and we were not confident of him operating on my father. We came back home. Six hours had passed, since the time my father complained of the  xcruciating pain.

In this moment of despair, I could only think of Yogi Ashwini. I called up someone at the ashram and informed him of the situation. Yogiji was in dhyan at that time and the person reassured me that he will pass on my message soon. With my father in pain, my mother hysterical, I did not know what to do now. I closed my eyes and remembered Yogiji and disconnected the phone. The moment I hung up, my father called me from behind. “The bulge has gone inside,” he said.

I froze for a moment. Have heard many a times that prayers do get answered, but this was my first experience…that too with no time lag! It was an overwhelming experience…a miracle indeed.

Author: Silvi Srivastava

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Guest Author

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