The 12 o’clock Experience


Have you ever heard of someone recovering from extremely high fever within a matter of minutes? Shivering from pain at one moment and roaming around like nothing happened just minutes later. You might call it a miracle, but the way I was, I would discard it as a coincidence…until I experienced it personally.

It was a night in the month of September and I was driving back home after wrapping up a langar conducted by Dhyan Ashram. I was about to reach my apartment gate, when suddenly a weird discomfort took over my entire body and I crashed my car into the gate.


Somehow I managed to reach home but I had extremely high fever and was shivering uncontrollably.

Medicines seemed to have no effect whatsoever and my shivering actually started to increase.

It came to a point that I was physically unable to move because of the pain. My wife suggested that we go to a hospital but I wanted to avoid getting admitted, which I was sure the doctors would do. So I asked them to wait for another half an hour, following which if there was no change I would go to the hospital.

It was 12 at that time.

Meanwhile, I started to do dhyan on Yogi Ashwini, but the pain and shivering was so much that I wasn’t able to. So I prayed to Yogiji instead.

“Have I been abandoned by you?” I asked. “I have no one except you,” was all I managed to say when suddenly I felt Yogiji’s empowering presence.

My eyes were shut and suddenly tears started flowing down. I heard his voice, loud and clear,  “Say AhamBrahmasmi.”

I obeyed. It asked me to repeat the mantra again and I did.

After that I heard his voice say, “Rest. I will take care.”

After about 20 minutes, my shivering was completely gone and within the next sixty minutes or so, my fever had vanished completely.

I woke up next morning, fit and fine. It felt like nothing had happened. I even thought if I had imagined the whole episode. I couldn’t have…for the words he asked to repeat were alien to me. I had neither read about them nor heard them till the previous night. A few days later, I was going through a chapter in Yogiji’s book, Thoughts of the Inner World and I came across the concept of ‘AhamBrahmasmi’. I was spellbound by what I read and how it had applied to my situation just a couple of days ago.

From that moment onwards, I stopped thinking of miracles as coincidences. They are the highest form of love and care by your Guru. I am not an illiterate person, I am well read and have travelled far and wide, met many Gurus and wise men…but now I have found my Guru.

Rakesh Pandey

Rakesh Pandey

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