A chartered accountant by profession, I have been running my own practice for the last 12 years in Ludhiana. On 16th of April 2014, I was at Udaipur, Rajasthan with my team for the purpose of statutory audit of a renowned bank. I along with my team stayed at a hotel near City Palace (also known as Lake Palace).

As a part of my daily routine, I sat to do the Sanatan Kriya at night in my hotel room. As I went deep into dhyan, I had visions of people fighting with swords, invasion, war etc. These visions kept me disturbed for the whole night.


When I shared this with my colleagues, they told me that it is a very calm and beautiful place and no such disturbance is expected here. I was not convinced.

As our audit completed, we decided to visit the City Palace. A guide toured us through the place and informed us that one Aurangzeb had attacked the temple opposite the Palace and a bloody war ensued. He showed us very old paintings depicting scenes from the war which now adorn the walls of the Palace. The scenes in the painting resembled the visions I had in dhyan the previous night. A chill ran down my spine for I realized that what I saw in dhyan was a live replay of the history of the area.

Yogi Ashwini often says that the past, present and future is all stored in our antahkaran and that in a state of heightened consciousness one can access and go back and forth in time and connect with any aspect of creation depending upon his/her capacity. This is infact the basis of sciences of past-life visitation and predictions through clairvoyance.

When I narrated the incident to Yogiji, he explained that through the kriya the elements in the body get purified and gradually reach their elemental state, as they exist in creation. As this happens you become one with your environment (immediate environment at preliminary levels and creation at large, in the advanced stages) and are able to connect with every entity and event associated with it and also modify it with the power of your thought.

Till that day I had only heard of stories and accounts of other practitioners at Dhyan Ashram about time travel and out-of-body experiences. With the grace of my Guru, I was actually able to live such an experience. It was an overwhelming moment.

Author: Mohit Sharma, Ludhiana

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