A Smoky Good Morning


It was a cozy morning and all of a sudden my alarm buzzed on its own, though I had not set it…lazily I opened my eyes and to my utter surprise, there was thick smoke all around! I looked over my shoulder to find my brother fast asleep, tucked in a blanket which was on fire! I could hear a humming sound in the background, which had the effect of calming me down.

Quickly, I woke my brother up. Barely awake, he managed to get out of the flaming blanket, turned off the room heater (which was the cause of fire) and went out of the room, as I instructed him. Then, I opened all the doors and windows. Suddenly, the smoke disappeared and the fire extinguished. I ran to check my brother, he was absolutely fine, not a scald. I felt the presence of Yogi Ashwini.


By this time, my mother came into the room and started pouring water. She was scolding me for not having called out to her on time and simultaneously checking both of us, if we sustained an injury. It was then that the severity of the situation and our narrow escape from the disaster dawned on the two of us.

Here, I am must confess I am the kind of person who panics and screams and shouts even at the sight of a cockroach in the house. And yet, with blazing fire on my bed, I was calm as the sea and managed to control the situation singlehandedly, without even calling out to my parents.

Now, when I sit back and think of the sequence of events – how my alarm buzzed on its own!!! It was not the time when I would usually set my alarm; it was just out of the blue! How fire extinguished of its own with all inflammable objects all around!! How I was so cool and calm!!! I have not a shadow of doubt in my head; it is the grace of Guru that saved us, nothing else.

Author: Sneha Roy, Class 9

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Guest Author

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