From Skeptic to Believer


Since birth, I was suffering with a condition called ‘urinary incontinence’ where I could not control my bladder, especially during night. I just would not know how to control my muscles surrounding my bladder. So obviously, I had the problem of wetting the bed at night. My parents thought that this problem will eventually go away with time as I was still pretty young at that age. Years went by and the problem was still very much prominent and I was already 12 at this point.
My parents searched for the solution everywhere. They went to ayurvedic doctors; they went to allopathic doctors and homeopathic doctors. Each one of the doctors offered a different solution. They would tell me what to drink and what not to drink before my bedtime, but nothing seemed to work. None of their medical treatments were working on me, my whole world seemed to fall apart, I was just a child and I wanted to stay overnight at my friend’s house but I could not because of this condition. It felt like I was cursed and I was not meant to be here. Even the doctors gave up on me; they just said that they cannot help and do anything and that I would have to live all my life like this. However, I got lucky, very-very lucky. My parents found Yogi Ashwini.
My 12-year-old pessimistic self was completely sceptical at first, I did not believe in any yoga and asanas. I was constantly thinking how desperate my parents must be that the only option they had left was to visit Yogi ji? All of the doctors confirmed and told us that this is it, no one could help me and that is how I would have to live all my life, and considering that Yogi ji did not have any tools to do a proper check-up, neither any medication to give to me, I just could not see how my parents thought that visiting him could be a solution.

I remember the day — my parents scolded me and told me to behave properly in front of Yogi ji or else he would be upset. I was scared because I did not know what was awaiting me. When we reached the Delhi ashram, the first thing that Yogi ji said was, “What have you told this girl? Why is she so scared?” At that moment I could not believe my ears, how could he know, he just looked at me for a few seconds? My parents proceeded to ask Yogi ji about the problem. He simply replied, “It is nothing serious, her lower back muscles are weak. Make her do back and spine asanas and she will be fine.” I did the asanas for three weeks regularly and my problem vanished, like it never even existed. And for anyone who thinks otherwise, let me assure it was not the postures that did it… I was shocked, how did he do that? How did he do that without a check-up, without any tools? This experience turned me from a sceptic into a firm believer.


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