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Accidents are a common occurrence on the roads of Delhi. The moment a car is out of the showroom, you are prepared to have dents and scratches on it. A tail light gone or bumper broken? Not a big deal…well, to have to give an explanation to your Dad, it is a VERY BIG DEAL. So, I drive extremely carefully.

The following incident took place on March 14, 2015. I was on my way to college. Nearing the destination, I had to take a right turn. I gave the indicator, slowed and stopped the car to turn, waiting for the traffic on the opposite side to clear. As I stood waiting, a motorcycle came and crashed into the rear of my car at a speed of about 40-50kmph. The motorist fell off the vehicle, within moments another motorist hit the car, and behind him another, who fell at a distance of about 10 feet. In all, three motorcycles collided with the car, one after the other, at a reasonable speed.


I did not know whether to shout or howl. The anger for the motorists was overshadowed with the thought – “Today I’ve had it. Dad is going to give me a good one and take the car away.” I closed my eyes and connected with Yogi Ashwini and requested him to help me out. “Aap dekhlena please. Main to gayaaaji!”

As I was battling the thoughts in my head, the three motorists who crashed and fell, decided to what is most prevalent on roads these days – fight! Taking offense, they say is the biggest defense. Be it your fault or not, people will still fight with you even though they know it is their mistake. Those three riders and some others gathered around to fight, saying it was my fault since I had stopped the car.

For once, I thought of getting out of the car and joining the fight. But then, Yogiji’s teaching kept me from it. He always insists on avoiding violence and exercising self-control, these being the signs of yoga. I kept my cool and turned a deaf ear to their quarrelling. Few minutes later, I left the scene. On reaching college I parked the car and with a heavy heart went around to survey the damage to the car.

To my utter amazement (and relief), THERE WAS JUST A SMALL VERTICAL DENT ON THE BUMPER! Never thought seeing a dent could make me so happy! There was negligible damage to the car. At the back of my mind, the question kept springing, “How is this possible?”

Classes over, I drove back home. After parking the car, I took a look at the bumper again. Unbelievably, the dent on the bumper had also disappeared somehow. Only a black mark of the motorcycle’s tyre was left.

I had an ear-to-ear smile – so it has happened again, a miracle. All through the incident, I had just one thought, ‘Yogiji please sambhaallena’. And He did. This is the force of the Guru.If you have a connection with your Guru and walk the path shown by him/her in totality, Guru takes care of you 24×7.

Author: Shivank Didi

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