Revisiting The Past


Being the wife of an Army officer and having served 27 years in the field of education and further 10 years in the corporate world, I think you would understand that I have a reasonably sound and rational mind.

We had gone to Totapuri ashram where Yogi Ashwini pointed out a few things about the place. He mentioned about a beri at a specific spot, a river, also at a specific location, the position of a shivling at a specific location and a havankund below the ground, again at a specific location. People of village outrightly said nothing like this is here or ever has been, they had never heard of it.


That night when we did dhyan under the sanidhya of Yogi Ashiwni in the Totapuri ashram, I also saw a shivling exactly at the same place where Yogi ji had pointed out and people of the village (located on the outskirts of Ludhiana) had completely denied all this. Then suddenly out of the blue, pujari went and called a couple of old men of the village, who then confirmed that as Yogi Ji had said, they had heard exactly the same things from their elders.

This will sound like a story to some of us, but the name of the village is Jogi Majara, you are welcome to do your own research. Till date, the village people are bewildered and talk amongst themselves that how he knew when it was his first visit. When we asked him, Yogi Ji said, ‘yes, my first visit in this lifetime.’

Author: Nandini Ghosh

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