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I had heard and read many times about the power of chants and the magic of yagyas. Why?! Ravana through a yagya earned the nectar of immortality. Dashratha through a yagya was blessed with four sons, including Lord Rama. But then these incidences happened thousands of years ago, and for me, they were more of fairy tales than facts…But then, I came to Dhyan Ashram and met Yogi Ashwiniji….and fairy tales came alive. I experienced first hand the power of a yagya.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism having gone through few operations due to gynecological problems. My condition was serious and doctors advised me not to miss my medication for even a single day. They also told me that the dose might increase in case I am not cautious, but there is no way it will stop ever. It was my ardent desire to get riddance from the medicine. I had to carry it everywhere & wake up to it first thing in the morning.


In April 2012, I attended a Purnima yagya at Dhyan Ashram. The yagya was supposed to be for an hour but it continued for over two hours (later Yogiji explained that there is no concept of time in Yoga, if you do your practices looking at the watch, then it is going to take you nowhere). It was the first time I sat for so long without moving, I could feel my body giving away and I wanted to lie down, but then the yagya was going on and not one person was moving…I held on. When the yagya ended, Yogi Ashwini started speaking to all of us and gradually the discomfort vanished. The yagya was over, I could have moved, but I had completely forgotten that I wanted to move.

For the next few days, something strange was happening in my body, which I could neither explain to anyone else nor could my own brain comprehend. Every morning I would be puky, drowsy, dizzy & energy-less. We had to go to Udaipur to attend a marriage. I could hardly enjoy because of my physical state. I noticed that my condition worsened after taking the medicine.

Upon returning from the trip, I consulted the HOD Endocrinology Department of Saroj Hospital in Rohini. The doctor said it was impossible since the dosage was only 25 mg, which was too less to cause such reactions in the body. He advised me to leave the medicine for sometime and observe. I never had to take the medicine after that…ever.

I remember Yogi Ashwini had explained to us how as you come in Yoga, whatever is heavy for you leaves you automatically…that’s precisely what happened with me! But that is, provided you walk the path as has been told and not the way you think it to be.

Author: Nidhi Bharadwaj

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