Negation Of The I


“Enshrine me in your heart and let one spirit dwell within us” Atharva veda

As flashes of reminiscence strike me, I pen them as parables of what was imparted to me, and the trickles I imbibed from Pujya Yogi ji.


One day when he happened to call me, I was dumb-struck, but exhilarated like a child. Honoured, a trifle nervous…a medley of feelings ran through my thumping heart. It was like God calling me himself! I felt,“Wowsie, I gotta hotline to Him! I can give him my fairy wishlist, and feel elated.”

Wrong again. I continued a chatter, in a kind-of-nervous monologue on the phone. Silence at the other end! I could have been talking to myself inanely, till He interrupted me very politely, “Bindu, I’ve timed the conversation. Since 12 minutes, can you guess how many times you’ve used the word “I”? ”

Guys, trust me but it was a Eureka mind-altering thought. The sermon was picked up by my soul-antennae very fast. One had become so conscious of “I, Me, Myself” syndrome, this had to be diminished in the Here and Now.

I write profusely on diverse topics, but conscious of the word “I” appearing too frequently, in mind, word and deed. There is a life beyond ourselves, any enlightened person is aware. Experience has shown empirically the most self-destructive people were those who lived for themselves. They usurped from people rights and privileges that were to be shared.

Partially, the “I” has been dispensed with from me; but I cannot say it has fully gone from my habitual persona. One tries at a conscious level. It’s an on-going process.

Author: Bindu Dalmia

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