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A miracle is actually a fact of nature which is beyond the capacity of the normal mind to interpret. As you grow in Yoga, miracles become a way of life for you…But then for you they are not miracles anymore but simple laws of nature that you now understand and use for aiding the positive forces of Creation to make this world a happy place to be in, and in the process you too go beyond.

Tulsi is a lead playback singer in Bollywood, who has recently set foot on the path of yog. Mentioned below is her first encounter with a real-life miracle.


I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) at the age of 14, and since then I have visited various doctors, undergone countless tests and taken a whole range of medications, but to no avail. The problem would reappear as soon as the medication was stopped (which were nothing but artificial hormones). A diseased skin and a host of other internal problems came as a package with all the treatments.

Almost a year ago, I was introduced to Sanatan Kriya by a friend. He told me that regular practice will induce a state of balance in my body; he however never promised me a cure to the disease. After five months of regular practice, I started feeling changes in myself. I got my tests done and to my surprise my 14-year-long problem had almost disappeared. The reports were normal; all the hormones were in normal range. My doctors could not understand how it happened!

The change was not just in physical health, but also at an emotional level. I found myself to be a more stable person. In June this year, I was in Kedarnath with my family when the flash floods devastated the area. All of us ran to save our lives since the water was everywhere. Escape seemed like a near impossibility, and even less so as we saw so many people lose their lives right in front of us. And yet, I was able to maintain my calm. My mother, aunt and I returned home safe and sound, with not even a scratch on us or the car…nothing short of a miracle.

I feel that by doing this kriya regularly I am slowly changing as a person and becoming more aware of things around me. I would like to thank Mohan for introducing me to Sanatan Kriya.

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