Limited i Unlimited Guru Force


Charity and service are the basis of evolution on the path of sadhna, but doing something for someone else often inflates the ego. And, ego is the greatest barrier on the path of sadhna. It is what separates us from Divinity.

I had the good fortune of meeting Yogi Ashwini couple of years back. That was the start of my sadhna and service. In the past few years, I have been blessed with various opportunities to serve Creation, which made me think –’how capable and dedicated I am’, ‘what a selfless person I am’ and ‘I am doing so much for others.’ I began to forget, the magic was not me…only to be reminded soon enough!


There was a service task at hand for which we had to wake up really early in the morning. That night I could not go off to sleep until late. From what I know of my body, it is a challenge to get up early and if the body is not rested…it is an impossibility. I accepted defeat that there was no way I could participate in the task.

It was winter and as is usual in London at the time of year, the frost was sharp at night. I always leave a small space heater on in the bedroom throughout the night, otherwise I cannot fall asleep even with layers of blankets. That night too I switched on the heater and went off to sleep. However at some point in time, I began to shiver and opened my eyes in discomfort. I got out of the bed to check and found that the heater was “unplugged”…there was no one else at home! When I checked the time, it was just 5 mins to the time of beginning the task.

The task was performed unhindered. As for me, I was more energetic throughout the day than ever. And, it wasn’t me who made it happen.

At another time, I had a sore throat infection.  Being a teacher by profession, I had overworked my infected throat and we had a Sanatan Kriya workshop that day. My voice had already become low pitched, raspy and hoarse. Somehow “I” started the session, and was midway giving instructions for yog nidra when there came a point where I could just not proceed… my voice disappeared completely and I felt a sharp painful prick in the throat.

At this point “I” was humbled. I prayed to my Guru asking him to take over.

After that point, my voice changed suddenly. A hoarse low-pitched voice became a clear and soothing one. I could not believe, it was my voice… the pain too had disappeared! But that was not it- after the session every single person reported that yog nidra that day, had been like never before. They even asked me to record yog nidra in my voice for them!

I learnt the difference in doing the task yourself and submitting to the force of Guru. Former is limited, latter unlimited.

Guru blesses us with the capacity, energy, resources and opportunities to perform our karma, so we may evolve. At the time, we may think that we are doing great work, the truth is, the work is happening through us, by the Guru. We are like pens in the hands of a poet… can the pen be honoured for writing a beautiful poem?

Auhtor: Dr Prasan Prabhakar

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