I have had the fortune to interact with Yogi ji at a very young age, as have seen my parents come to him since childhood. I started practicing Sanatan Kriya few years back, and have had interactions with various kinds of energies and beings.

Sometime in May this year, I started seeing a dark figure in the corner of my room. At first I tried to ignore her. But then it so happened that the more I tried to look the other way, the harder she would try to get my attention — hang upside down, make strange noises, flicker the lights and so on. I then wrote to Yogi ji about it.


Yogi ji told me not to ignore her, he said she is a troubled soul. He asked me to take out time and call her and ask her what she has to say. He also gave me a set of questions to ask her. I called her, and she came — no time lapse. I got goosebumps.

Mustering courage, I asked her who she was and why she was here.

She told me, “I belong to a reputable family in Germany from the middle ages. Certain so-called religious people caught hold of me and drowned me. A lot of such cases were happening at that time as it was called the dark ages of Europe.”

I asked her why was she drowned.

She narrated, “In those times, certain religious places had become sin-houses. Any woman who would not go there would be killed. I used to go only once in a while, just to show that I am also coming out of fear that they would kill me too otherwise. Then one day, I was just standing and staring at the sun with my eyes closed. Somebody saw me doing that and complained that I am practicing witchcraft. So they came, tied me with stones and threw me in the river, and I died. My life was very short.”

I asked her what is the life of souls like you.

She said, “Like me there are many, who are just hanging in dark spaces. They find a dark corner or spot, and make it their home. We hide in dark spaces because we have no karma (she used the term ‘karma’).”

I asked her what about others.

She said, “They are all very angry with their families. Because, after they died, the families did nothing for them. They forgot about them and got busy in their lives. And so they are lingering around as dark souls. We want to take birth but we can’t because we don’t have karma.”

When I told this to Yogi ji and he confirmed that to take birth, to manifest oneself in a body, one needs to have karma. He then told me to ask her, why she came to me only. I asked.

Her reply was, “When you were born, the house that you are born in, you came with a light. I saw that light and I knew that you can save me. So I came to you. And I have been watching you since you were a new born. Then few years back you lost that light. I could not locate you and I went back to the dark worlds. Then the light came back to you. But now, you are struggling to hold that light.”

Her words ran a chill down my spine, I knew exactly what she meant. It was about four to five years back, I had started going very deep into the subject, and my subtler senses were developing. Then there was an attack of negative forces, the route was my parents. The parents who were so supportive, suddenly turned against my moving ahead in yog and asked me to focus on school and friends. I listened to my parents and stopped the practices. Then started the routine of outings, dinners, parties every day, getting drunk and wasted — yog, dhyan forgotten, completely. As she said, light gone. Then recently my parents had a change of heart, and they came to the ashram for a yagya and brought me along. They corrected themselves, and once again I started the practices. Soon after I had this encounter with her… and she even told me what I had not still admitted to myself, I was in fact, finding it hard to continue, my mind would keep wandering, the focus and interest wasn’t there like before.

Yogi ji explained that if you have the karma or light, and then if you do not perform the karmas as per your state, that light leaves you. He further explained, that light here does not mean a bulb is glowing. It refers to the awakening of chakras. The lower chakras, mooladhar, swadisthan and manipoorak are dark chakras, and higher chakras, anahad, visshuddhi and agya are bright. For a normal person, the awakening is till the swadishtan or manipoorak only as his/her life revolves around, food, sex, money, power; he/she doesn’t need the higher chakras. The higher chakras are only awakened when you set on the journey of spirit and without their awakening there is no journey — so it is a vicious circle. If you scan a spiritual person clairvoyantly, you will find the lower three chakras are non-existent and the light will go on increasing as you go to higher chakras, this now I am able to do easily myself. This is how one recognises an evolved being, not by how much following he/she has. He also told me that once you turn your face away from the path, then it becomes difficult to come back… Look around. How many people have the light? Everywhere you look people are in darkness, and so they cannot see.

That spirit gave me the entire gyan of light and darkness…

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