Guru Positioning System – A sadhaks experience


Author: Dr VS Mishra

I am Dr. VS Mishra, a scientist from Mumbai. I share below a recent experience of how Guru shows the path when you are in trouble, literally.


Few of us had gone to Melbourne for a Yoga Conference in October 2016. On 16th October, we were invited by locals to teach them Sanatan Kriya and perform yagyas at few of their houses during the day. In the evening we were also invited by the largest Durga temple in Melbourne for creating awareness amongst youth about true form of Yog. These programs were about a 40-50 minute drive from where we were staying. We were to reach the place of session by 10.30 am.

We learnt that a big Marathon was being organized that day and heavy traffic was expected. Hosts were kind enough to send us a Google map route to avoid the marathon route. We started at 9.30 am and followed the route shared by hosts. Dr. Prasan was driving and I was trying my best to navigate. I would like to mention here, that it was only our third day on the roads of Australia, we were neither familiar with routes nor thorough with the rules. We entirely relied on google maps to go anywhere.

After about 15 minutes of driving, just when we were about to meet the main highway, awe saw a huge traffic lineup of almost 2 km ahead of us. Possibly, everyone took the same route that day to avoid the marathon. If we were to join the jam, it would have taken us atleast an hour and a half to reach the highway and additional 30-35 minutes to reach the destination.

We were anxious as we did not want to get late for the event. We started exploring possible alternate routes on the internet but to no avail. At this point, I closed my eyes, remembered Yogi Ashwiniji and sought his help. Just as I opened my eyes, I saw in front of us a narrow lane going right. Something inside me told me to take that road. Simultaneously, cars in front of us inched ahead, as if to facilitate our right turn. By now, I was sure.

Not knowing where the lane was headed, we took it. 300-400m on the path, with google maps going hysterical, asking us to reroute, and with some intuitive lefts and rights, we saw the large highway in front of us and cars going at fast speed. On other side of the lane, I could see large number of cars, stuck in traffic. Perhaps we were on the other side of the highway…in the wrong direction?

Discarding the doubts, proceeded on the highway. 20-30 seconds later, google map confirmed that we were on the right track! It showed 30 minutes as the estimated time to reach our destination.

I couldn’t help but chuckle and could almost feel Yogiji doing the same. Applications and navigators may fail, but the Guru satellite works for always, for those who have faith and who walk the path of Guru. It was a confirmation for me, that if one is headed for “Guru Karya”, nothing can come in the way…not even Melbourne traffic.

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