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The storm which hit Delhi on May 24th, was probably just another one before monsoons for everyone but not for me. I have to share this with everyone who does dhyan under Yogi Ashwini’s guidance

I had planted a Gulmohar tree on the day we shifted into our new house. I developed a kind of a relationship with that tree, I made sure it was watered and all its needs were looked after…and hoped, that it would give me beautiful red flowers one day. For many years there were no flowers and many of you would be aware that Gulmohar trees shed their tiny leaves. So, it grew taller and taller but either the branches were obstructing wires and had to be trimmed or its leaves were shedding so much that it used to block our drain pipes and make cleaning up the rooftop and our driveway so difficult that all the maids complained. The maali (gardener) also used to say, “this tree blocks light to the small lawn under it and so we don’t get grass!” But I loved it and wouldn’t let anyone cut it because I wanted to see red flowers in full bloom.


Well, this year from February onwards, after 10-11 years, the tree finally bloomed full with the most beautiful red flowers! I felt so blessed that I have no words to express it but there are pictures which I will share here.

Then the storm came. We were having dinner. Suddenly there was a loud sound and vibration, as if the earth shook under me. When the storm subsided, we went out to see what had happened. To my shock, the Gulmohar tree had uprooted! The huge tree fell on our house and not a single thing was damaged! Only scrapes of the boundary wall and one light on the gate was knocked off. Our cars were parked there but all its branches fell around the cars! It was absolutely miraculous as many other cars in DLF 1 were damaged by other trees that had fallen. Our tree was on the wall and some parts on the car but not even the windscreen was touched! It was as if it just brushed the house and our cars!

My faith in dhyan and power of Guru strengthened. I am very grateful to Yogi Ashwini for showing this path which connects you with the subtle and finer vibrations of the Universe and elevates you to a state of profound wellbeing and tranquility. Thank you Yogiji.

Author: Venu Sehgal

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Guest Author

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