How I Managed To Bag 10 Internships In Less Than A Month


I am pursuing Masters in Psychology and as a part of the curriculum; I had to look for a summer internship. My specialization is Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and therefore, I was looking for an organisation. The thing is, it is not easy to get a corporate internship as a psychology graduate. Companies give preference to MBA trainees and psychology students remain restricted to clinics and hospitals. I had tried talking to various companies and institutions for internships, with little luck.

In the meanwhile, a two-day Dhyan trip was happening. I went for the same. It was an amazing experience, spending two full days in the sanidhya of Yogi Ashwini, hearing him talk and take us through various kriyas and subtle experiences. In one of his lectures, he explained to us how when you are in the proximity of your Guru, you experience his/her energy and you are able to manifest your thoughts very easily. I listened to him in rapt attention, though not quite gathering depth those words carried.


Their depth became clear to me, two days after, when I was back in Delhi and resumed my search for internships. That same afternoon I called one of my classmates as I had heard that she had got an internship in a company and they might be looking for more interns. My friend warned me that the person heading the selection process was very demanding and had already rejected two of our classmates. By evening I had that internship!

After that wherever I had sent in applications for internship, all wrote or called back, offering me internships. This despite the fact that I could intern only for one month.  Within 2-3 days I had 6 internships in my hand and by the end of the week I was offered 10 internships, all from reputed companies.

It was no coincidence; it was the energy of  the Guru that landed me so many internships, when even one seemed like a far cry.

Auhtor: Christel D’souza

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