Fire Fighting with Guru Kripa


A spine chilling incident occurred with me and my family.

And I believe if my wife and kids are alive today, it is because of the grace of my Guru.


I was away from home to attend Guru Purnima Yagya at Dhyan Ashram, Delhi on August 30th, 2015. I stayed in Delhi till September 2nd. I was fortunate to be able to spend all the days in the blessed environ of the ashram.

It happened on the night of September 1st. I was attending a class on Dhrupad Raga at the ashram. The session ended, and we ate the prasad (a delicious home-ccoked meal). Yogiji was in dhyan at the time. I was waiting to get his darshan.

At about 9 pm, I received a call from Mumbai. It was my wife. Her voice was calm but crumbling. She informed that while cooking dinner, suddenly a fire sprung up in the kitchen. The flames rose to height of three-four feet and the fire began to spread in the entire kitchen.

There was no one at home, except my wife and two daughters, aged 17 years and 8 years. The girls were outside the kitchen. When they saw the fire, they panicked but were unable to do anything. My wife tried to douse the fire, but unsuccessfully. She said, she saw black faces around her pulling her towards the fire like a magnet. She said it was more than a regular fire. It seemed as if someone was forcing her into the fire. Her all attempts for escape were failing and she thought she was breathing her last.

At that time, something happened, which she cannot explain till date. Suddenly she started chanting the Guru mantra, “Gurur brhama gurur vishnu gurur devo maheshwara, gurur sakshatah para brahma tasmai shree guruve namah.” Yogi Ashwini’s image flashed before her eyes and she prayed to him to save her. Within minutes, the flame subsided and was doused.

Her right hand had burnt badly and turned black. The house was filled with smoke. She applied some ice and gel to the burn. To her disbelief, there was no scar or boil after!

She was narrating all this to me on phone, as I sat in the ashram, waiting for Yogiji to come out. She said she could have died that day and god knows what would have happened to the girls had the fire not subsided.

I had goosebumps…pleasant ones. I told her, nothing could have happened to you or the kids as I am in the ashram of my Guru. He is in deep dhyan he knows everything. How could anything untoward happen at the time? I closed my welled up eyes and paid reverence to the feet of Guru.

When you walk the path of the Guru, there is a protective shield around you, which is what my wife experienced that night.

Rakesh Pandey

Rakesh Pandey

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