Divine Diagnosis


There are certain things that cannot be explained medically, not even by experienced doctors, something I have grown to realise in the last few months. The change brought about by my encounter with Yogi Ashwiniji and experiences of Sanatan Kriya which followed after.

I start my day at the hospital paying reverence to the energy of Guru and Lord Ganesh ever since…One day as I went for my usual rounds to the Casualty Ward after Guru Vandana, she was the first patient I saw. Even before I could have asked her about her health and condition, there was a flash in my mind. “She has hypoglycaemia, a condition with below normal blood sugar.”  She was fully conscious and stable when I saw her.


Then when I saw her case sheet I got a shock. She was brought to the casualty 2 hours before I examined her in a comatose state and her blood sugar was 37mg/dl (normal 80-120). She was treated with Intra venous glucose and revived. When I saw her she was stable and her blood sugar had normalized. There is no way anybody can diagnose a hypoglycemia by looking at a patient when fully conscious.

Medically, I have no explanation for this incident. It defies logic and all that we learnt in five years at medical college. I come from a staunch Brahmin family, concept of energies (or gods) and yagyas was not unknown to me, something which was a part of day-to-day life. However, back then I could not sit for havans for more than ten minutes, I would be repulsed by the soot. Having attended a Dhyan Ashram yagya, I found myself not just sitting through it mesmerised but have also started performing  them myself now. I am convinced that there is a para-science and that there is more to these practices than mere rites and rituals. The “Divine Diagonosis” is a live example!

By Dr. Prasan Prabhakar, Lakshmi Hospital

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