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While walking the path of yog holding your Guru’s hand, miracles are a common phenomenon; not to be understood but to be experienced. Secrets of the creation are revealed to the practitioner and miracles become a way of life.

Here are two experiences from Yogi Ashwini’s students that portray the shakti of the Guru and the miracles that follow…


“I follow a niyam and feed dogs and birds daily without fail. One day, amongst many exotic and colourful birds that flock my terrace I saw a crow that flew and sat close to me. On repeated observations I noticed something different about this crow. He was not scared of me, came close to me, seemed gentle and did not caw repeatedly like most crows do and was really quiet. His cawing had a particularly peculiar voice but I ignored it the first time. The 2nd day the crow came again and repeatedly began coming to my terrace. One day while I was feeding the birds at my terrace the crow came and started speaking like a human! It said “Ami Khaabo,” “Ami Khaabo” repeatedly which means ‘I will eat’ in Bengali. I was startled. At first I did not believe my ears but then I ran into my kitchen and brought some food for the hungry crow. This was an amazing experience that gave me Goosebumps.”

– Amit Naskar, Kolkata

All of us are part of this Creation which is governed by Dhwani. Every energy, every being, everything whether animate or inanimate emits a characteristic sound which is unique to itself. In the earlier days the learned rishis were able to access these different sounds of creation with their siddhis. They were able to interact with trees, flowers, birds and all sorts of different animals and were so evolved that they could interpret these sounds too. What Amit experienced was one such interaction which is common once you practice the Ashtang Yog in totality following the 5 yams and 5 niyams under the guidance of your Guru.

“This is an experience in the year 1999 or 2000. I was going through a problem in my office due to which I was having sleepless nights. One evening I was doing regular pooja and kirtan in my house, and I saw an image carrying a Gada in his hand appear few inches above my head. At that time I thought it was the image of Hanumanji.

But now, having met Yogiji I realise that it was my Guru’s image. It was miraculous that within a few days, the person who was trying to disturb me was transferred and since then all the positive things are happening with me. The reason I am sharing this incident is because now I have a Guru and I know all experiences I am having are because of Him. But in 1999 or 2000 I didn’t know anything about Dhyan Foundation; but my Guru’s energy has always been with me. I am thankful to God that today I have found my Guru in the physical form.”

– Anil Sharma, Delhi

“Guru” is a four letter word that holds the potential to take you beyond. It is important that the Guru be in physical form, but a shishya must never mistake the physical form to be the Guru.


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