Devine Experience


There are various indications that prove you are on the right path and should keep moving forward. The energies that run this creation exist; just that they are revealed to the truly worthy ones – to the ones who can further aide this creation. Here is one such example from the plethora at Dhyan Ashram.

“Last year on the Rakshabandhan day, the celebrations went on all day as my sisters came to tie rakhi and apply tika. It was around 8 PM in the evening when I noticed a definite “OM” symbol appear on my forehead where the tika had been applied. It was a strange phenomenon, as the symbol “OM” appeared on its own and remained there.


I feel this could be divine intervention and must be a divine blessing for me that wants me to do something good for the people, society and the country as I have always wanted to.

I believe that this must be because of the blessings of all my Elders, my Gurus and other Holy people, who are guiding me to do something for the Society and the country.”

– Sanjay Dalmiya, Entrepreneur

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Guest Author

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