I have taught school and college students English literature, Education, Philosophy & Sociology for nearly 23 years. But then my experiences with Yogi ji left me ponder if I should continue so…

A day before the trek to Himalayas in Sept 2018, during Dhyan I felt the presence of Ganesh ji. I asked him, “How would the trek be?” Vision of a smiling Ganesha appeared before me. Next I asked “how many people would go up for the trek?” Instantly the reply came “76”.


I was not involved in planning of the trek nor did I have any idea of who all were going, as I was not going. I shared this with Yogi ji, who asked me to check with the organisers. I was told ’74’ people had registered…I was silent. Just a day later, they set out on the journey to Himachal, and at the nth hour two more people called to join in, making the number an exact 76! Needless to say, all 76 reached the camp site and returned happy and safe.

The next trip was to Patal Bhubaneshwar caves, once again I asked the dev, how many people would be going – answer came 68. I checked with the organizing team – 85 had registered. And all 85 went for the trip as well. I then asked Yogi ji, how could the dev be wrong? He just smiled and asked me to check with the organizers how many people went to the cave…it turned out not everybody could go. 2 cars had a tyre burst, leaving behind 9 people. 3 people chose to stay back at the hotel. 5 others were on duty. You may do the maths…

Such is the precision of this science, and the above left me amazed & removed any doubt that I may have had about the existence of Divine energies and their power.  Or so I thought…because about a week from then I found my thoughts going astray, and a void started developing inside me.

I shared with Yogi ji – “I am doing charity and service and also getting experiences of spiritual world, yet there seems to be something missing’. Yogi ji asked me to connect with Ganesh ji & ask him what was wrong. I did as was told. When I asked Ganesh ji, the reply came “Guru Bhav”. Next I asked, “what to do?” Reply came: ‘Surrender’. Another thing I asked was – if there is any instruction for me or DF volunteers? The reply came: ‘Guru bhaav badhao’ (increase Guru bhav).

It made me think of all the times when I took Yogi jis words lightly, or took him to be a physical entity, while my experiences always told a different story. How many get darshan of devs and devi’s, how many can converse with them? I had only read in biographies of saints and yogis how they had ‘one’ darshan or one ‘dialogue’. Here, with his blessings, I am having them daily…

I was a sceptic also once, as I studied through Western system of education but two things are to be noted,

  1. Yogi ji says after every such interaction there will be regression. If one can go over that, they reach. Else, they are pulled back, I experienced exactly this.
  2. I have WhatsApp messages stored on my device from the dates where just the planning for trips had begun. Anybody can check them.

Still if somebody chooses to remain a sceptic, I would recommend, begin doing Sanatan Kriya genuinely, I assure you, you will not remain for long.

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Guest Author

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