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Accessing your Guru means, you think of something and your Guru does it for you, says Yogi Ashwini. What you access him/her for is as per your desire…Here’s a narrative of how a sadhika accessed her Guru…to call a cab.

Not very long back, I went on a short vacation with my aunt to San Francisco, USA.


The city is known for its crooked hilly streets and we were in a mood for exploration. The setting was perfect. We were visiting the Golden Gate Bridge and as the adventurous streak in us would have it, we decided to go for an unguided tour. We set off with a map in our hands and made it to one end of the bridge. Our eyes were more on the piece of paper than on what was around us. It was late afternoon and the temperature was cool. Excited to have found it, we crossed the 2.7km long bridge on foot. By then, sun had begun its retreat but we lingered on to click some memories. We had thought of getting a cab from there, however we soon realised that wasn’t an option. There were no taxis in sight and we had to take the journey back on the bridge.

By the time we reached the other end, temperature had begun to drop and it was getting progressively darker. We had already walked around 10-12 kms that day and cold and fatigue was taking over us. Our surroundings were quiet and uninhabited. We tried to look for a taxi but once again, no luck. We had a map and roughly knew where we were so we marched on. Next we found ourselves in what looked like an industrial area. I could see worry lines on my aunt’s face. We made light of the situation and joked that we will remember this day for years to come. We both laughed how a taxi and some warmth was all that we craved for.

As we were walking along, my aunt chuckled and said, ‘Why don’t you pray to your Guru and ask for a taxi?’ My aunt knew that I had been practicing Sanatan Kriya under Yogi Ashwini. I had often shared my experiences along the path which only strengthened my faith in the strength of Guru. When she asked me to pray, without even thinking, I did the Guru mantra silently and then carried on talking to her.

After about 2-3 minutes, we saw a car approaching in the distance. Instinctively, I stretched my arm to hail it. My aunt commented that it looked like a pizza delivery car and that it wasn’t a taxi. Before she could complete her sentence, the taxi stopped in front of us. I opened the door and hopped in. My aunt stood there with her jaws dropped. I signaled for her to get in but she stood frozen in disbelief. I smiled and asked the taxi driver what made him come down that road considering it was not busy at all and there was almost no chance of him picking up a fare. In equal disbelief he commented that he had been driving straight down the main road but something compelled him to take a turn down the road we were on even though his mind was instructing him not to. And then when he saw us walking down the road, he just felt that he had been sent to get us. My aunt sat in the car quietly throughout the journey back to the hotel.

I leaned back in the car, closed my eyes and thanked my Guru with all my being. I knew that day Guru’s force is there to protect you no matter where you are, provided you walk the path.

Author: Rajshree Mistry

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Guest Author

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