Black And White


Diwali is the darkest night of the year. The attraction of dark forces is at its peak and this is the reason why incidents of accidents increase manifold around that time. One can find a lot of shamans, voodoo practitioners, black magicians etc. connect with lower energy forms such as bhoot, pret, pisach etc., to fulfil certain material desires, for themselves and for the ones who approach them. Often enough, such prayogs involve harming another person driven by negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and vengeance.

Bhoot, pret, pisach are souls that are stuck in a bodiless existence and so cannot perform the requisite karmas to release themselves. They are dependent on others (beings with a body) for their salvation and so are constantly looking out for someone…So if you call upon them, they definitely respond and also grant you what you want, but then they do not leave you. They derive energy from you by feeding on your happiness and health. Disease, grief and negativity empower these forces. In fact, you will find that usually the practitioners of dark arts have an unpleasant appearance – deformed body and limbs, defective eyes or mouth, scars on the face, also either they have no families or their families are in shambles; all a direct effect of association with lower energy forms.


Diametrically opposite are the connections made with subtler energy forms, with devis and devtas, which leave a practitioner glowing with good health and abundance in all realms – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. While prayogs of black magic involve blood, bones and parts of body (human and animal), the subtler forces call for rigorous tapa and sadhna under the guidance of a Guru, and remember that power of tapa and self-sacrifice far exceeds that of any other being. If a black magician happens to perform a prayog on a practitioner of yog and Sanatan Kriya, it will bounce back on him with much greater intensity, leaving the yogic practitioner unharmed.

There have been many a victims of black magic who have come to the foundation. But once they began to follow the path of yog holding their Guru’s hand and aiding the creation with selfless charity and service, their problems seemed to miraculously disappear. Yogiji would tell them to look around in their family for someone who had suffered a loss or setback…and they would know who was trying to harm them.

Creation, a sum total of dark and light. There is no doubt that the energies that can be used for good can also be used for bad. But a serious practitioner of yog, looking for a way out of maya, knows the karmic repercussions of using this gyan to harm anyone else. That is why a Guru, who uses these energies to aid the creation and positively affects the sadhaks, exudes glow and radiates energy. Just being around him can take you to another dimension; whereas, a practitioner of black magic has a pulled down, scary look to him. So choose who you follow…what you follow, you become.

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