Science of yagyas, as given by the vedic masters is a phenomenal science which taps into the power of sounds, fragrances, the five elements and thoughts, under the guidance of a Guru to generate ‘miracle’ for a non-believer. For a believer, it is routine. Here I am narrating a routine experience from my life after starting yog under the sanidhya of Yogi Ashwini.

It was Janmashtami 2015, and we decided to keep a yagya in Panjim, Goa. Till then, I hadn’t learnt the science of yagyas, so a fellow volunteer flew from Hyderabad and conducted the yagya under Yogiji’s guidance. The complete environment of the place transformed by the end of the yagya and all present were spell bound. I carried home the raakh from the yagya, to apply as tilak later.


My maid asked me, if she could take some of it. I gave her some raakh in a packet, wondering why she asked for it. A month passed, the incident slipped out of my memory. Then one day, my maid walked up to me, excited and amazed at what transpired in the preceding days.

She had given the raakh to her brother and asked him to apply it on his children’s forehead every day after bath. She reported that there was complete metamorphosis in the children within a month’s time. Earlier they used to refuse to go to school and had to be physically dragged to the school every morning. The same children would now get up on time, take a bath, get ready and head off to school on their own without any resistance. They had become easier, calmer and more obedient than ever.

The eldest of the three, a seven-year-old boy, would roam around the whole village every day and come home tired in the evening. In the nights, during sleep, he would turn violent and scream and shout due to bad dreams. Every night, he would open the door of the house and run outside crying loudly, uncontrollable. The boy stopped waking up in the night and would sleep peacefully now.

This without any medication, or behavioural therapy or counselling. All the father did was apply raakh on their forehead, as told by his sister (who never asked me or informed me of what she was going to do with the raakh).

What would you call it, miracle or routine occurrence?

Author: Swati Shilkar

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Guest Author

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