Action Replay: A Real Life Story


Yogi Ashwiniji has often shared with us experiences of sadhaks who don’t pay heed to warning signs, that usually come before something big is about to happen. It is funny how you don’t look closely until something happens with you.

A similar incident took place in my life. I had to attend the funeral of my friend’s mother, for which I left at around seven in the morning from my house. I did Guru Vandana and started my journey. Barely few minutes on the road, I suddenly got the thought of a black dog coming in front of my scooter, and me skidding in order to save the animal. I also had the vision of an orthopedic hospital nearby. However, I was driving all hale and hearty, there was no dog anywhere around, I let the thought pass.


Five minutes later, the uncanny happened. Before my very eyes, was the same black dog and the rest of the events unfolded exactly like the vision I had. In a bid to avoid hitting the dog, I applied the brakes and naturally skidded and fell down and lost consciousness.

However, as I was about to fall, I clearly remember feeling as though something was lifting me up. I saw a bright floating tube in the shape of an apple and I was travelling from the left to the right. There were many others like me, all floating in the same direction.

By the time I regained consciousness, people had gathered around me and called up my brother, whose number is on my speed dial. The hospital I was taken too was the same that had appeared in my vision…

The experience taught me two things: First, one should always pay heed to a warning given by the Guru, and never take an experience lightly. Second, these experiences happen just to remind us that there exists something beyond which controls everything around, which we often forget in our mundane lives, and which can only be accessed through sadhna and service in the Guru’s sanidhya. The incident left me more focused than ever.

Author: Ravi Garg

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