A Narrow Escape


When you are in yog, miracles become occurrences of daily life. Something extraordinary happened with me a couple days back.

I found a diseased dog near my house. He was in a bad condition and fighting for survival. We were trying to get it treated but couldn’t get through to any of the animal help lines. It was then that a fellow volunteer from Dhyan Foundation put us through an organisation that agreed to help on a chargeable basis.


The day on which the vehicle was supposed to come, I went to check on the dog at his usual spot, but the animal was nowhere to be found. In fact I couldn’t find any of the stray dogs (around 10-15) that are normally present in the area. The vehicle was just ten minutes away; it was the only chance to save the dog whose health was deteriorating by the hour.  Any of you who has attempted getting a street dog picked, would know how difficult it is to call for the rescue van once, twice…is a near impossibility.

I tried looking in nearby areas to see if I could find the animal, but being a vast locale, the dog could have been anywhere and it would have taken hours to find it.

I thought of Yogi Ashwiniji and silently requested him to help me accomplish the task. With that thought I walked back to the original spot, and lo and behold, at a distance I saw the dog running towards me. It seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. The rescue vehicle arrived moments later.

They loaded the dog into the van and took him to safety. As soon as the dog was inside the van, it started pouring heavily.

The magic of the situation struck to me…had the van come five minutes early or five minutes late, the dog would not have been able to reach the hospital. If this isn’t a miracle, then what would you call it? But then again, such things happen almost daily with people at Dhyan Ashram.

Author: Tarun Sarin

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Guest Author

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