A Mystical Matchstick


You might have heard stories of people who can predict the future, seen movies where characters could access the past, but then stories are stories, movies are movies…they are not real life. What if they become real life? What if you could travel through time right here, right now? Well, you can. I have, on many occasions with Yogi Ashwini. As he explains, “the past, the present and the future are all stored in our antahkarana. For some, the antahkarana is already awakened because of past life karmas. For others, it happens as they walk the path of Guru…” I am narrating here a recent experience, where my Guru sent me a warning for something that was going to happen, way before it happened…and also prevented it from happening.

Friday morning (5.40 am), I sat down to do my kriya. I closed my eyes to do the Guru Vandana when I saw a single matchstick at my Agya chakra. I wondered what that could mean, why a matchstick? But then, I put these thoughts aside to complete my practice. It was the time of morning sandhya. I went up to the kitchen to take water for surya tarpan. There was a funny smell to the place. I was getting late for sadhna, so I rushed up to the terrace. On coming down, the smell was all over the apartment. I went to the kitchen and checked the gas. The knob for the gas pipe was on, as was for the gas stove. I asked my wife if she had left the stove open, she said no. I asked if she had used the stove in the morning, she said yes. I told her that she had in fact left the stove open…What I did not tell her was, that my Guru had sent me an indication way before.


I have an automatic electric gas stove, it ignites by just turning on the knob. We are four members in the house. I shudder at the thought of what could have happened…But then, nothing did happen because of the grace of Guru.

Author: Mrityunjay Kumar


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