A Life Saving Push

life saving

I am a high school student in Germany. This incident happened not long ago, I was extremely stressed about my math’s exam, and could not sleep the entire night. Soon it was morning, I left for school.

On way to school, I cross a road which has no traffic light or zebra crossing.


I looked left and right, there was no car, and started to cross, my mind clouded with the stress of impending examination. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my chest. It pushed me backwards, a strong and definite push, till date I remember the impact. And a fraction of a second later, a car in full speed zipped few centimeters away from me. I shuddered. That push saved me, I looked around, there was no person around. Where did that push come from?

As I reached school, there was yet another surprise waiting for me. Our exam had been postponed, the contract between the school and the printer company had expired (this usually never happens).  I had four more days to prepare.

When I sit in dhyan, I experience many disturbances. By disturbances, I do not mean people or things, I mean forces which cannot be seen, only felt. On this particular day after 20 to 25 minutes, I felt that someone was staring at me, and then pushing me so that I open my eyes, but I didn’t. I played in my head what Yogi ji often says, “It is normal for these energies to disturb you, getting disturbed however is your choice”. Next there was a vision of the very room I was sitting in, a big black shadow with a demon like face floating beside my closet was staring at me with hateful eyes. “Open your eyes and stop doing dhyan! Wake up!” said the shadow. I ignored it. It was charging towards me with full force when suddenly there was a loud noise and the shadow dissolved in air. I looked (still with my eyes closed) beside me, was standing a divine being in a loin cloth, a trident in hand, and with tremendous glow around him, he smiled at me and said “I will be here”. Since that day whenever I switch off the lights in my room, in the lamp above me I always see his silhouette.

Author: Honey Sharma

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