A Fracture That Saved Us


On reaching the hotel, I started hurrying to the hall where Yogi ji was giving a discourse. Before I knew it I had missed a step and fell straight on my knees!!! I could hear a sound of bones breaking. Yogi ji was right in front of me. I was rushed to a room and given first-aid, my right leg was x-rayed.

Everyone around me was concerned and asking of my condition, I however could feel no pain, and went off to sleep soon after. When I woke up, I learnt I was being shifted to the hospital as I had nasty multiple fractures.


My family in Delhi was informed, and by morning they were at the hospital, as I was taken in for an operation. It was a complicated operation which lasted a couple of hours. Two plates and thirteen screws were put in my bones. The doctors commented that I was very brave. Little did they know that I had no pain or memory of pain, I was simply floating through it all.

The following morning the significance of my little adventure was revealed. There was a frantic call from my residence in Delhi that there was a major fire due to short circuiting in my sons room and the whole floor was gutted. The staff sent us pictures of the room after the fire was controlled. It was all black and grey, furniture in rumbles, walls ash covered. My staff repeating, ‘Thank god, none of you were home or sleeping in that room.’ A major catastrophe was avoided.

A cold chill runs down my spine when I think of what could have happened had I not broken my bones as nothing short of that could have pulled the entire family out of the house.

His ways are strange and way beyond the understanding for us mere mortals!!!

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Guest Author

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