A Four Day Journey of Miracles


I had the good fortune to travel with Yogi Ashwini (to Goa) this year. I have been part of several miraculous journeys with him and this trip was no different. We usually travel in large groups, however in this trip there were less people travelling, so each of us got to spend dedicated time with him, and experiences that followed were life changing. Let me share those one by one…

Among us, was a lady who has been with Yogiji since many years. Ever since she came to him, her salon business has grown by leaps and bounds. Her experiences of the subtler worlds, however, were just few. She would ask Yogiji on many occasions the reason for the same. Yogiji would tell her, you only get what you want…It was a nice sunny afternoon, we were enjoying the scenic beauty of a lush garden and soothing sea from our balcony. When Yogi Ashwini came out in the balcony, he looked at her and said that he could sense a difference in her. She seemed much more focussed and centred on the subject. Yogiji made her do a simple kriya and instantly she started having visions of divine forms and colours. I looked at her in surprise, she was glowing and radiant and within minutes she seemed to have lost five to eight years from her face. She herself could not explain the experience, how a person who had never had a vision in so many years, was able to connect with subtler worlds so easily all of a sudden.


Also travelling were a doctor, a scientist, and an engineer. The next morning, Yogiji took us to a hut on an elevated area near the beach. He made us do a small kriya and asked us to go down to the devas that reside in the core of the earth. He told us the process and performed some chants for a short while. We headed back to the room afterwards. When he asked us about the experiences, all had had spectacular experiences. Starting from the engineer, he saw a snake with red spots in a coil form. This, Yogiji revealed was the form of the Kundalini! Yogiji asked if he was able to go down further, the engineer replied that he only saw rocks after that. The doctor saw lots of weapons. Different types of arrows, swords and tridents, the kinds whose descriptions we read in the scriptures. She got to the closest level of the dev who resides in the core. The scientist saw old houses like house tombs in an old city. Yogiji explained that what he saw was an old city that went down in the earlier times. The salon owner saw a lot of snakes. Yogi Ashwini told her that it was the first layer under the earth, where snakes reside. All of them were astounded by what they saw. Yogiji further added that each one saw according to their entitlement. The lady doctor was closest and those weapons are used by the dev who resides in the earth’s core. The engineer was next, but could not access the god, hence was blocked by rocks.

The experiences did not end here. To add one more, Yogiji performed a havan. I clicked few photographs at the time of poorna-ahuti and to my amazement, there was a clear formation of shivling in the fire. I have seen the formation many times before at various yagyas at Dhyan Ashram, but the precision of the science and various forms, it still continues to amaze me. The same night, Yogiji told the engineer to wake him up next morning at 6:45 am for the Surya sadhna. I also noted the time to wake him up. At 6:40 in the morning, the engineer was at the villa door and at 6:45 as usual I knocked on Yogiji’s door, but could not get him to wake up. A minute or two later, the engineer who was standing next to me knocked a little louder and Yogiji woke up. He hurried for the practice. Usually, he did the Surya sadhna from a spot near the beach, but since we were getting late, Yogiji had to do the practice mid-way from the lawns. In the middle of the sadhna, the water sprinklers started, the lawn clean-up crew came and golfers who wanted to play came as well. On the way back to the room, the engineer stepped in the gutter. Everyone was confused as to why this happened. Yogiji smiled and told us that those two minutes had made it all happen. He had told the engineer to wake him up at 6:45 am but he woke him at 6:47. Because he did not follow ‘Mantra Moolam Guru Vakyam’, the engineer landed in the gutter. Such is the efficacy of the science. If he would have been woken up at the time told, then he would have reached where the sadhna should have happened and all the commotions would not have been affected.

On this trip a former Miss India was also travelling with us and she along with some others from the local centres were doing evening Surya sadhna as directed by Yogiji. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Yogiji moved his chair a couple of inches closer to the balcony from where the lady was doing the kriya. Moments later, the lady collapsed right there and he was able to support her lest she would have injured herself. She was unconscious, Yogiji disclosed she had left the body. He was a bit taken aback but having faith in his Guru, revived her back. When the lady regained consciousness, she was a changed person. Her first sentence was, “This life is just of one breath. You stop breathing and everything goes away.” I was amazed at the depth of the statement.

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Sulabh Puri

Sulabh Puri

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